Corporate Functions

Tailored for all your business needs, St. George Hall offers everything you need. All of our facilities offer state of the art equipment at your request and all personal requests are also considered. Choose from our Corporate Menu and enjoy our own staff to provide you with professional service.
    • meeting room with board table, chairs, and projector screen

    Board Room

    The St. George Board Room offers an intimate environment with emphasis on focus, negotiation and discussion. Seating up to 20+ people, the Board Room is equipped with the latest technologies designed to assist you in the optimal completion of your agenda.

    Room Capacities

    Up to 20 people

    • Meeting room setup with water glasses, notepads, and pens
    • theater style setup in the meeting room with chairs

    Meeting Room

    The Meeting Room is a customizable setting created to stimulate integration and inspiration.
    Equipped with the latest in technology, the meeting room offers an environment dedicated to your particular business and meeting needs.

    Meeting Room Capacity

    U-Shape – 30 people
    Classroom – 40 people
    Rounds – 50 people
    Theatre – 60 people

    Ask for personalized seating arrangements that allow you to create the environment that best suits you.

    Training Studio

    The Training Studio is our most private room. With a separate indoor and outdoor entrance, as well as its own bathroom, the training studio offers all the amenities St. George offers, giving you complete privacy and seclusion.

    Studio Capacity

    Rounds – 25 people
    U-Shape – 30 people
    Classroom Style – 30 people
    Theatre – 50 people

    Surrounded in natural light and bright walls this room can be customized to suit your business, recreational and personal needs.

    • table settings for lunch or dinner with flowers

    Restaurant Lounge

    The Restaurant offers a classic environment unlike any other at St George.
    Equipped with its own personal bar and kitchen, as well as roll up screens and easily removable projectors, the restaurant transforms from a meeting room to a cocktail reception in minutes.

    Lounge Capacity

    U-Shape – 24 people
    Classroom – 24 people
    Rounds – 30 people
    Theatre – 60 people

    • table settings for lunch or dinner in the hall

    The Grand Hall

    The Great Hall becomes the most versatile facility to comfortably accommodate up to 700+ people. It serves to provide you with space for large meetings, conferences, seminars, and much more.

    Individual Hall Capacities

    A only – 250 people
    B only – 140 people
    C only – 200 people

    Outdoor Lunch

    Use our green space to enjoy the outdoors, play games, have lunch, or simply relax.
    We offer outdoor barbeque style lunch with our personal chef, and menu options to suit any type of occasion.

    Outdoor Accomodations

    up to 150 people